These conferences are a way for us to partner with US pastors, evangelists, and Christian leaders to enrich the local Honduran Christian leaders so God can multiply his work through them.

Pastor Conferences

these meetings encourage and educate local Honduran pastors of La Esperanza. They have asked that we provide instruction on many topics that include Leadership, discipleship, marriage family, church structure and finances. For more information click here.

Women Conferences

These meetings are to teach and enpower the Honduran women. As they realize they are Children of God and not property for men to use they will break the cultural hold that is currently on them.

Nurse's Conferences

these meeting are to thank and encorage the murses of the Hospital of La Esperanza. Showing them that they have a great impact on this city, country and culture. We teach them that they can take their faith into the Hosptials and clinics and give care in the name of the Lord and sharing their faith as they work and pray for their paciants. We also use this opertunity to introduce new techniques.