Love of God Bible School

We are teaching a two year comprehensive program to equip leaders, pastors and missionaries to fulfill their callings.

Continuing with online classes, we are using the Joshua Nations curriculum to empower others into ministry.

Along with technical classes such as woodworking, computers, and agriculture these students will be ready to duplicate out programs and spread God's Word to the ends of the earth.


Empowering children to attend a Christian bilingual K-12 school opening opportunities and changing lives. This brings change and give hope to this generation of Honduras. We also have children in Honduras that attend public school but need to pay tuition starting in the 7th grade. costs very per child.

We are still looking for scholarships for 2 wonderful little girls to the bilingual Christian school in Yamaranguila. One is a daughter of a local pastor. The other is a daughter of a single mother who has already attended the kindergarten but her grandfather can no longer pay. $2,040 a year for each. help us by donating just $170 a month and lift a child out of poverty and empower them to reach back to their community.

This is a class the two scholarship recipients attend. There are many other children waiting for scholarships. You can be an answer to their prayers by giving towards their scholarships.

Send kids to school

When you give to Heaven's Reach Ministries you help send kids to a Christian Bilingual School. Scholarships are $250 per month per child. You raise them out of poverty and give them opportunities to serve God and their communities that they would never had.

Give now.

Pastor Conferences

Let God teach the local Hondurans through you! come and teach your experiences and testimonies.

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Empowering the Local Honduran Pastors

to be more effective and plant the vision of the great commission and help their congregations reach outside their walls to the community, country and the world for Christ. If you are a speaker or know one who would be like to be a blessing to the Honduran pastors please let us know. We would love to setup a conference where they can learn from you.

These conferences are a way for us to partner with US pastors, evangelists, and Christian leaders to enrich the local Honduran Christian leaders so God can multiply his work through them.

These meetings encourage and educate local Honduran pastors of La Esperanza. They have asked that we provide instruction on many topics that include Leadership, discipleship, marriage family, church structure and finances.

"Thanks for your hospitality last week.

We truly enjoyed ourselves. You did a great job of receiving and hosting us. Meeting the pastors and leaders and having the opportunity to minister to them was a wonderful thing. Thank you for the invitation. I trust we were able to leave a significant deposit with them as they change their communities."

Ed Huie

My first visit to Honduras was in 1985. I am so glad that it was not my last.

In 2012 Burt Kelly and I met up with Dean and Melissa Lowman for a conference in La Esperanza. It was extremely profitable. I was very impressed with the leadership and the follower ship of this fellowship of ministers and churches.I believe the best days for Honduras is ahead, as the Church pursues His Kingdom purposes.

Ed Huie

We are looking for qualified pastors and professionals who would like to come to Honduras and teach on these topics.

Need Workshops and Conferences for Pastors and Churches

1. Word Expository

2. Strengthen the Family Pastoral (The Shepherd and His Family)

3. Church Administration

4. Beliefs, False religions

5. Spiritual Warfare

6. Impact Society

7. How to become Children's Ministry?

8. Youth Ministry?

9. Spiritual Parenting

10. Leadership Training

11. Missions

12. Eschatology

13. Pastoral Counseling

You may be the one we are looking for! If you are interested in coming and Hosting a Pastors Conference please contact us.