Pastor Conferences

Empowering the Local Honduran Pastors

to be more effective and plant the vision of the great commission.

We are working with the local pastoral alliances in La Esperanza, Intibuca and Gracias, Lenpira. We have identified the following to be the more pressing and wanted topics.

We are looking for qualified pastors and professionals who would like to come to Honduras and teach on these topics.

Need Workshops and Conferences for Pastors and Churches

1. Word Expository

2. Strengthen the Family Pastoral (The Shepherd and His Family)

3. Church Administration

4. Beliefs, False religions

5. Spiritual Warfare

6. Impact Society

7. How to become Children's Ministry?

8. Youth Ministry?

9. Spiritual Parenting

10. Leadership Training

11. Missions

12. Eschatology

13. Pastoral Counseling

You may be the one we are looking for! If you are interested in coming and Hosting a Pastors Conference please contact us.