Romania Trip

We will be going to Romania in September to se start a work there. We will be touring the country and speaking in many locations having conferences and ministering. Please pray for open doors and open hearts as we speak. I have faith God will go great works on this trip. Please pray for the budget of this two week trip. We need $11,000 to complete the budget.

Daniel Garcia the global walker has been walking for God for 25 years. He has written is testimony in the book “Marines Don’t Cry”. He was here helping us lay the groundwork for nine events that will include 5k walks and concerts with testimonies and salvations.

Please start and continue to pray for these events until they happen from September 16-24th.

We invite you to come and walk with us or bring a team and be in areas we will not physically be in to walk and evangelize Honduras in this “Miracle Walk” to bless Honduras and raise funds to feed the hungry and heal the sick.


There was great excitement generated from the walk in El Progresso. With the media coverages that day, we were able to have Daniel Garcia on 9 TV stations and 3 radio stations including HCH the largest Honduran National TV station and JBN Lavin television that covered 38 Latin countries.

We have gain the support for 9 walks and benefit Concerts throughout Honduras from the Department of Tourism, Department of Public Sports and many other associations.

This will be the “Miracle Walk”. We will have an event in the three largest cities: La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula, and the Capital of Tegucigalpa.

Each location shall consist of:

•                    A charity walk/parade including official escort by police, fire department, ambulance, and other nonofficial groups. National and International                     television coverage and other nonprofit and commercial sponsors. We will also have both the adult and youth sports teams walking and                           running the route

•                    We will have a Celebrity athlete meet and great fundraisers

•                    A charity Concert

The population of these cities are:

La Ceiba 875,000p

San Pedro Sula 1,100,000p

Tegucigalpa 1,700,000p

We invite you come and bring talent to do these charity events. These events will help us serve the children and families of Honduras with food and medicine.

Thank you for taking the time to review this request. I look forward to talking with you.

Make your next vacation a vacation with God. 

Short-Term Mission Trips are a fun and exciting time with God.  Let God work in and through you while you experience a new culture.  Utilize your talents and gifts for God.  Get out into nature and hear God more clearly than ever before. 

Trips are designed to use your passion to meet local needs.  Tasks open doors to the heart and make room for ministry. 

You can do these things and more:

Remote medical clinics


Home Gardening

Agriculture in the mountains

Prayer walks in local villages

Prayer in the hospital

Pastors' conferences

Men's conferences

Women's conferences

Much more.......


Internships, like mission trips, allow you the opportunities to work along side us in the field for a time -- from 2 weeks, 2 months or a year.

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