Heaven’s Reach Ministries is a faith-based ministry and relies upon contributions from churches, businesses and individuals for its operation and staff support.

Whether you are a missionary or an intern working with us we will consider you part of our staff team. As an intern of Heaven’s Reach Ministries you represent Christ to the communities where you minister.

You are welcome to the apply. If you are interested in working with us as we pursue God’s will of spreading the Gospel through Heaven’s Reach Ministries. We are looking for more staff to work alongside of us. Check out the career opportunities

Dean and Melissa Lowman are the founders of HRM. Dean owned a computer company before answering the call to missions. Melissa is a registered nurse specializing in Labor and Delivery.

Together they moved to Honduras in 2007 to fulfill the vision God gave them to open the door to discipleship through meeting physical needs.

Lowell Tatum

Director of Honduras operations.

Tayris Tatum

Administrator of Honduras operations.

Digna Lara

Staff Interpreter/Secretary

Joel Vasquez

Ministry Staff

Sandra Reyes

Medical Staff Nurse

Anner Arriaga

Farm Staff