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News Letters

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April                  Prayer Warriors Needed

March               Did you miss our update? The dental clinic is

February         Mission update: Hear Solky's story of blessing

January           Discipleship in Eastern Europe and Honduras


Christmas           Celebrating the birth of our Savior

December          Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, and Honduras

November          Season to be thankful.

October               Prayers answered and Jesus' way of church planting

September        Ministering in Ukraine and opening dental in Honduras     

August                 Clinics in Ukraine are being used

July                         God has answered our Prayers

June                       God has delivered

May                        We are so thankful

April                      Please pray for Honduras

March                  God is doing great things

February            starting a new year of discipleship in the public schools

January              We finished strong and we are still going strong


December        Give the gift of God's Love

November       We prayed - Then God!

October             Dental clinic walls for the church and more

September      Calling all intercessors

August              We are at war and meeting resistance.

July                       Pray for the people

June                     We really need your help

May                      We need your help

April                   God is doing so much it is hard to keep up

April                    Victory Over Death and Other News

March                What a month!

February          3 pastors in 10 days

January             Three truck loads of donations


December        Give the gift of God's Love

November       We prayed - Then God!

October             Dental clinic walls for the church and more

September      Our second clinic is open!

July                       Two clinics about to open in Honduras

April                    The next harvest

March                 Today is the day of Salvation!

February           Reaching a new nation for Christ

January              2021 major update please read and pray


December        I am thankful for you

November       Horrific storms and hurricanes

October             Your prayers are needed

September      Thank you for your prayers and support

August               Please pray for our staff

July                      Through your prayers and support

June                    Together we will be Victorious

May                     Reflection and Rejoicing

April                   Donations to Nurses and Fireman

March                Update: We are praying for you.

                               Update: Corona Virus

February          Pray for these Children

January             The Vision Continues


                                Happy New Years

December       Merry Christmas with Christ in their Hearts

November       Thank you

October             An answer to prayer

September      You can Help!

August                We need your help! 

June                     We must move!!! Please Pray!

May                      Please pray

March                 At The Feeding Center


Year End            Year in review 2018

December          I am just amazed how God has worked

November         Pressing to finish the Great Commission!

October               Please pray for 100

September        The kids are growing up!

July/August       We have been blessed

June                       Meet the Doctors for the second clinic

April/May            School Outreach

February/March    God answered prayers!

January                New Year update: 2018


Nov/Dec               Christmas Card

Sep/Oct                Celebrating Day of the Chilled at the feeding center.

July/August       Capital Campaign 2017

May/June            School outreach and Scholarships

March/April      Serving Children

Jan/Feb                Changing lives and planting seeds


                                  Christmas Card 2016

December          Open full time: Medical Clinic

Oct/Nov                First harvest

July/Aug/Sep     Changing Lives of Children

June                        Started off with a conference

April/May            While we wait

March                   Come and meet the family

February             9 month old with heart problems

January                A Great Start To the Year


                                   2015 Year end

December           Growing in ministry

Oct/Nov                New Opportunities           

September         They were hungry!

July/August         Teams coming to show the love of Christ

June                          Walking the Path

May                           Things are moving along 

April                        What a month it has been

March                     The fields are white

Jan/Feb                  New Ministries & Opportunities


December            A New Ministry Center for the New Year

November            Happy Thanksgiving

October                 Celebrating 10 years in Ministry

September           A Miracle in the Making

August                  They run out of water

July                          Making room for more

June                         Four years of dreaming has come to fruition

April/May             Receiving a container of Bibles

March                     Springing into Another Season

February:              It takes all of us to reach the world. Part two.

January:                It takes all of us to reach the world.


December             Cheerful Hearts

Oct/Nov                  With the gun to his head

September           Piercing the darkness

August                   Springboard To Discipleship

July                           Reaching the Unreached

June                         Ever expanding partnerships!

April/May             Our programs are unique and growing

March                    The Bible School was launched

February               Starting the Year off Right!

January                 Projects Updates


December            What An Amazing Year!

October                  We have moved!

September           Moving into position!

August                    Don't Despise Small Beginnings

July                            I was in tears and in awe

April                         Double the fun!

March                     Sustainable Agriculture Project - Victory Farms

February               Empowering Food Security through Farmers

January                 We are working on something new


Fall:                           Making room to grow our vision!