Medical Missions

Medical professionals

We are looking for medical partners to help provide medical care to build the Kingdom of God. 

We have opportunities for general doctors, gynecologist, dermatologist, surgeons, nurses, ophthalmologist, pharmacists, and techs.

You can help us from your location by praying, sending medical supplies and equipment, funds to support medical clinics.

You can come and be a blessing by adding hands to the work in Honduras. Individuals and teams are asked to be a part of Heaven reaching the sick for Christ. 

Showing God's love through meeting medical needs that open the doors to discipleship. Each of our medical programs work towards building relationship that become discipleship.

Love of God Medical clinic

Healing the Sick in the

Love Of God Medical Clinic

The Love of God Medical clinic is open full time and serving between 700 and 900 a month. With a full time doctor and two full time nurses this clinic is not just meeting physical needs but ministering to each person that comes through. Pray for this clinic, its staff, and its patients. God is moving in Yamaranguila, Intibuca, Honduras through this clinic. 

Pray for the budget for this clinic also. We are receiving $2,100 of the $3,500 needed to keep it open. 

Give today and help keep this clinic open

The Love of God Medical Clinic

a project of Heaven's Reach Ministries

in the department of Intibuca', Honduras

The second clinic to receives 25 people a day. It is in a more remote area that the first clinic. Over the last 12 months we served and ministered to over 10,000 in the first clinic.

Treat the Sick

When you give to Heaven's Reach you are reaching the sick with medicine and ministry. $7 will treat and minister to one person in our clinic. they receive visit, labs, medicine and ministry each time they come as needed. We currently have two clinics open Monday - Friday.

Give now.

This sea container opened in August 2021 and is now a part of our prenatal program in partnership with the health department to introduce modern education and testing  to the communities in the mountains while disciple young mothers. It is open M-F 8-4. in the mountains of Intibuca, Honduras. We also have a a space to build a church next to this clinic. The remote communities  in Masaguara, Intibuca are now able to see a doctor in their village thanks to the Love of God Medical clinic 2. 

Build 2015

Texas A&M Build website

BUILD 2015 was the second year that the organization transformed four shipping containers into Texas Aggie Medical Clinics. The students along with other partners provided our two clinics. We have received two containers made into clinics from them. Below we are touring our second clinic which is now sitting in the department of Intibuca, Honduras.

A Clinic in a Can!

We are receiving a clinic in a can! We are looking to raise the budget to staff and sustain this clinic the budget is $2,000 for staff and $500 for meds and supplies. Donate now!

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A Clinic in Romania

For years, other ministries have asked us to help them start programs like ours in other countries. 

This last year the doors began opening. One door is to start work in Romania. 

We prayed and received a clinic for Romania.  The clinic is just like the others we have in Honduras. They are setup as a family practice. We are working with the local ministries to find a place for the clinic that would lend the best Kingdom benefit of medicine and ministry.

Please pray with us for the provision of land, funding and staffing of this clinic and church. We are planning a trip to Romania to finalize the location and start work duplicating the programs we have in Honduras. We will be working to serve God reaching the poor of Romania. We are praying for teams to come be a part of this next chapter of Heaven’s Reach Ministries as the  work in Honduras continues. 

Romania's poor population is the poorest among the 28 European Union member states' poor populations as its annual income are below EUR 1,000 per person, according to NGO project The Social Monitor. ... Child poverty is high and rising,“ European Commission said in its latest country report on Romania.Nov 22, 2018.

One in five rural people lack access to potable water, and a third live without access to a flush toilet. The Roma, a minority group, face especially difficult circumstances, with an employment rate of just 28 percent and a poverty rate approaching 70 percent.We have been given an other ‘Clinic in a Can’. This is a 40ft container that has been made into a medical clinic. It will provide permanent & consistent healthcare for those that cannot otherwise receive it. The clinic has 2 exam rooms, a lab, and a procedure room. like this one in Honduras.

It comes almost completely equipped with exam tables, lab equipment, lights, a procedure chair, maternal/fetal monitor, plumbing and electric.

We have received a clinic in a can! We are looking to raise the budget to sustain this clinic the budget is $3,500 and expect to see over 600 a month. Donate now!

Remote Medical Clinics:

Taking medical clinics to the remote villages who would otherwise not have medical care near them.  Giving hope.  You can be a part of this ministry by being on a team that volunteers for a week in Honduras. 

These clinics consist of medical consults, dental consults, providing medicines, and prayer. Many times lice treatments and Vacation Bible School are also conducted during the clinics as well. 

Medical Access Assistance: 

Providing medical assistance for:  medical visits, medicines, and exams for those who could not otherwise afford it.  Donations to HRM help those in need receive badly needed medical assistance.


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Medical Access Assistance helps people like Olga.  The hospital told this mom to take her premature twins home before they got sick.  So, at 2.6lb, these twins when to a dirt floor adobe home.  We helped them for six months:  taking them to checkups, sterilizing bottles, providing formula and potable water.  In this picture, the twins weigh over 10lb.

Sustainable Healthy Living: Reaching Expecting Mothers

Teaches Godly living, hygiene, nutrition, cooking, and gardening and gives vegetable seed to pregnant women at the hospital. Plans have been made to introduce this program to other hospitals around the country of Honduras.

The participants of this program receive the production of a garden we have on the Hospital grounds and heirloom seeds that will produce seeds during the harvest; making this program sustainable. This program gives these families access to vitamins and minerals through the vegetables they grow with these seeds.


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This program focuses on nutrition and life skills of new and expecting mothers. Many of these women in Intibucá lack education in the this area including: basic hygiene, reproductive anatomy, pregnancy, obstetric risks and dangers, labor, postpartum care, breastfeeding and nutrition. This project will also give seeds to individuals for home gardens of vegetables otherwise unavailable.

Our goals are to:


mothers about life skills that include:


mothers to create a healthy living environment for their children and have access to vitamins and minerals through home gardens resulting in a healthier life for her family and community.


mothers in the program showing them that God loves and cares about them. The program teaches that God’s word lays out a plan for their lives and includes the same healthy principles taught. And that a healthy spiritual life is gained through the seed of life which is Christ.