Shipping Program - shipping with the use of USAID is a way we can help get needed supplies and equipment to the mission field. If you are trying to ship to Honduras and would like help we may be able to assist you. We do have administrative and logistics costs we will need to recuperate. If you are interested in this program please the program guidelines then fill out and email this application.


We have found some great resources for our ministry and believe that they will help your ministry also. So, we have put them here for your information. If you find these resources to be helpful please let us know. Also, if you know of others that we can add to this list or ones that may be better than the ones listed we would like to know about them.

e-Newsletters. We use to send our e-newsletters. It is an easy to use site that lest you send emailed quickly with a wizard to help you or drop in your own html for a custom look. They also have a donation program for 501c3 organizations.

Paper Newsletters. is a great website that you can upload your newsletter (they also help you design your newsletter), postcard, or other mailers; print them and mail them for you.

Christian Media. We use to find and download e-books, audio books and videos. The Manna Reserve is free to access.

Thank You Cards. We use to send out personalized "Thank You" and greeting Cards to our supporters. This keeps us on their minds and lets them know how much we appreciate them. We select a pre-design or create custom card and it is printed and mailed out the next day in the USPS. Most funding classes and seminars recommend sending out a personal card ones a quarter. Now with send out cards we can no matter where we are in the world. no more worrying about how long or if it will get to them.

This is also great for Churches. My home church in Arkansas uses sendoutcards to add connection to new visitors and those in the congregation for birthdays and other special days.

And if you use our link, you actually support our ministry.

Social Media. We use Vertical Response to keep our Facebook, twitter, linked-in account status' up-to-date. This is a great one to multi-updater. I can link my roost account to my other accounts and update them all at the same time, ensuring that everyone knows what is happening NOW. And I have linked my twitter to update my-space also. there is even a phone app.

Better than a Tract. “The Jesus Story” is a Christian book written for young children. This book along with its companion “Jesus in Me” explain the teachings of Jesus in a fun story book form that makes them perfect for everything from Mission work, Sunday School curriculum, Christmas gifts, and for other occasions. Find them in over 20 languages at