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Victory Farms vandalized

The barn had been broken into 3 times since we moved to the new land. It is remote with now house for a watchman. Please pray we find property to buy and the funds soon. They have taken many tools and now the peppers and green beans. We have not had problems like this until we moved onto this land.

The church and feeding center is growing and the building is being completed. Please pray we receive the funds to finish the walls.

Love of God Medical Clinic 2

Our Second clinic is now open M-F meeting the needs of Quebracho. Each clinic when fully implemented will cost $3,700 a month to operate. Please pray for the budget to be met and the poeple it serves. we also have land next to this clinic to build a church. If you would like to bring a team to help build this church please let us know.

Love of God Medical Clinic 1

Our first clinic site is now becoming a medical center with the addition of a dental clinic and vision clinic in Yamaranguila. We are working on opening the dental/vision clinic now. please pray for this process and the funds to run it. we will also host dental and vision teams to work in them.

Victory Farms

We moved to a new property because our lease was over on the last farm. We are now looking to buy a farm where we can continue the vision of teaching the Hungry to grow their own food while we disciple them. This land will also be the home of our bible/mission school. Please pray we find the land and receive the funds to buy it soon.


Horrific storms and hurricanes are raging this year. One sat over Honduras for a week. Torrential downpours lasting days. But, God is good and we are blessed that none of our ministry sites where damaged. Below are some of the pictures from areas were we have ministered.

areas affected please give and we will be your hand that reaches from heaven. Put hurricane response in the memo when you give and all we receive will go to help the hurting in those areas. If you would like to help reach the (more)

09/2020 update

For years, other ministries have asked us to help them start programs like ours in other countries.

This last year the doors began opening. One door is to start work in Romania.

We prayed and received a clinic for Romania. The clinic is just like the others we have in Honduras. They are setup as a family practice. We are working with the local ministries to find a place for the clinic that would lend the best Kingdom benefit of medicine and ministry.

Please pray with us for the provision of land, funding and staffing of this clinic and church. We are planning a trip to Romania to finalize the location and start work duplicating the programs we have in Honduras. We will be working to serve God reaching the poor of Romania. We are praying for teams to come be a part of this next chapter of Heaven’s Reach Ministries as the work in Honduras continues.

Romania's poor population is the poorest among the 28 European Union member states' poor populations as its annual income are below EUR 1,000 per person, according to NGO project The Social Monitor. ... Child poverty is high and rising,“ European Commission said in its latest country report on Romania.Nov 22, 2018.

One in five rural people lack access to potable water, and a third live without access to a flush toilet. The Roma, a minority group, face especially difficult circumstances, with an employment rate of just 28 percent and a poverty rate approaching 70 percent.

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We are praying for you. Together we will be victorious with God at the helm.

Honduras update march 26.

In these challenging days, we need to remember that God is the creator and knows everything. He has provided a way to eternal safety. This is what Passover celebrates. This years Passover is April 8 through 16.

God is moving! Are You Ready?

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Please pray for the church in Lepaterique. We need to put up the walls and bathrooms.

We are praying for $3,000 for the walls, $1,500 for the bathrooms and $500 for a nice sign and a fence.


Victory Farms start to utilize it. We have been using 50 acres under a free lease for 7 years. We have reached the end of the lease.

We must move.

We must move by August 2019. We have been preparing for this for a year. But in three months ago the bank from whom we rent our ministry center, told us we need to move soon because they listed the building.

We have found 170 acres that is suitable for the farm and the ministry center

We can plant long term crops. This property costs $2,200 per acres. The owner is willing to owner finance this property for $100,000 down and then accept half of the “net-profit” from the farm till it is paid. This is a great opportunity to build the farm and the bible school.

We know God has a plan and He will give us this land.

Please pray for the land and the facilities. The total cost of the land is $374,000 and another $50,000 to build the complex. God is sufficient to supply all our needs.

How to pray! Pray God gives us the:

  • Earnest money of $10,000 by June 19th

  • $100,000 for the down payment by August 15th

  • $50,000 to build the bible school by December 2019

  • For every $10,000 raised we will receive 5 acres

Description of the property:

Located in El Cerrón, Yamaranguila, Honduras this property has 1,700 acres

mostly flat and is southwest of La Esperanza. Its 6 minutes from the main road.

It has two water ponds that receiving water from a bigger pond on the top of the property. A cement road is under construction to the property.

The property has two types of land, farmland that cost $2,600 per if we buy less than 85 acres and $2,200 if we buy 85 or more; and construction land with a cost of $6,400 per Acre (this part had water and electricity and is on the road). If we buy 85 acres or more, they will give us 5 acres of build land at $2,200.

We plan to buy 170 acres at a total cost of $374,000.

This will provide plenty of space to build our:

· Farm facilities

· Ministry center

· Bible school

· Dorm for teams and students

· Rehabilitation Center

Distance from the paved road: 6 minutes from the main Road

Distance from La Esperanza: 30 minutes from the current office:

Size of the property: 170 Acres

Price per Acre: $2,200

Acres near electricity and water: 3.4

Acres cleared to farm: 20



Ready to start!

We have the computers and woodworking equipment in Honduras ready to start the school. We will open the Bible school with technical components as soon as the building is build.

We are loosing the storage where the equipment is being stored so please pray for the new building to be built this year. Please also pray for temporary storage in the mean time.



Another Shipment heads to Honduras.

We are shipping another truck load of medical supplies and equipment. This time most of it is for our own clinics. We have been blessed by Baylor Hospitals with a list of supplies to help sustain our clinics. Now, we are praying for space to store it.



We are loosing the ministry center building.

They are selling the house rent as our ministry center. Please pray we can get the land and build the school that will also house our ministry center before they sell it.


Newsletter September 2017: Celebrating Day of the Child

Prayer request: God is an awesome God. And He is our provider.

We are asking for fervent prayer for our budget. The clinic is costing $3,500 a month. $1,500 of that is paying the doctor, nurse and the clerical person that serve the patients. The rest goes to medicine and supplies. We are blessed to have the wonderful staff that is a great part of the workings of this ministry. They would volunteer if they could however they all have expenses and need income. In Honduras they have Aguinaldo which is two months out

of the year, June and December where they get payed double. This is one of those months. We have been making up for the shortfall of our budget where we can. God has given us special gifts to get by the last few months.

We thank everyone who is a monthly partner of HRM. We believe that God is wanting to share the blessing of being a part of this ministry with more of you. If you are not a monthly partner this is the time and the opportunity for you to became a part of Heaven’s Reach Ministries by giving $50 to $100 per month we can reach our goal of $3,500 for this clinic. If you want to give a onetime gift we need $5,000 to make it through this month and meet our obligations.

We personally have taken less from the ministry this year to help meet this budget. HRM receives $4,700 and our expenses are $7,500. That is an opportunity of $2500. Please become a partner today by clicking here or give a onetime gift by clicking here.

2016 Year in review. Your donations in action!

As our partner you did these things with us.

Feeding the Hungry: this feeding center gives food and teaches Jesus to the

hungry children of Lepaterique in our church plant every week.

Reaching the villages with medical clinics, food Teaching Sustainable Healthy Living to expecting distribution and teaching Christ. Mothers and giving food, clothes, and personal items.

Training church leaders and pastors in discipleship Training farm workers in agriculture as

and evangelism in conferences. we disciple and empower them.

School outreach and bible classes. Planting churches and reaching communities

Helping families feed their babies and receive Scholarship disadvantaged children to attend a

specialized medical care such as this baby Christian bilingual k through 12th grade school,

who has a hole in her heart. opening future opportunities and changing lives.

Ministering in the local hospitals as we give HRM opened our first clinic providing general and

small gifts to the patients. prenatal care with ultrasounds

We also distributed equipment and supplies to 4 hospitals d 3 clinics beyond our own and received our second clinic that will open in 2017.

We have been given an other ‘Clinic in a Can’. This is a 40ft container that has been made into a medical clinic. It will provide permanent & consistent healthcare for those that cannot otherwise receive it. The clinic has 2 exam rooms, a lab, and a procedure room.

It comes almost completely equipped with exam tables, lab equipment, lights, a procedure chair, maternal/fetal monitor, plumbing and electric.

What does this mean?

    1. A permanent and stationary clinic for men, women and children in Intibucá, Honduras to come to 5-7 days a week.

    2. It will allow us to perform needed lab tests and physical exams that are needed to treat not only immediate illnesses but chronic illnesses.

    3. We will be able to give prenatal care.

    4. We can have periodic dental clinics using the procedure room.

    5. We can perform stitches or minor surgical procedures.

    6. We will be able to provide medications for not only colds and minor illnesses but for chronic health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and hypothyroidism.

    7. We will be able to have a continuous impact on the health of the poor of Honduras.

    8. We will be able to share the love of Jesus with every patient we see.

Why is this important?

    1. The maternal mortality rate is 100 per 100,000, which means that in 2010 there were 8,046 women that died during pregnancy or after delivery. Of this statistic most of these women come from the impoverished communities of Honduras due to lack of nutrition, prenatal care and lack of medical care.

    2. The mortality rate of children under the age of 5 is 23 out of 1,000 births. Which means that in 2012 there were 5,000 children that died under the age of 5.

    3. 9.9% of infants born are born with low birth weight, which means 20,493 babies were born with low birth weight from 2008-2012.

    4. The Gross National Income for Honduras is $2,070 vs the GNI of the USA $52,610.

(Statistics are from UNICEF, Dec 2013 & World Health Organization)

What do we need you to do?

    1. We need prayer for this clinic to improve the lives of the Hondurans by improving healthcare, longevity of life, and quality of life and that the love of Jesus will be shown.

    2. We need $6,000 by November 17th to ship the clinic from the states to Honduras on December 1, 2014.

Become a monthly partner today.

These are the new villages we are working in this month. We found this village just miles from La Esperanza --no missionaries are there, nor is there a christian church.

There are over 600 people in this village cluster and no declared Christians. We are looking for teams to come and help us show the love of God to these villages.

They received the new testament this week. If they read it all the way through, they will get a full version.

Come out to the Arvest Ballpark and Hit a Home-run for Healthy click here

Dean Lowman was interviewed on the Radio click here to listen

As of September 2012: The Sustainable Healthy Living program it being taught to the expectant mothers staying in Dormitories at the hospitals of both La Esperanza (Intibuca) and Gracias (Lempira). We are looking forward to working with more hospitals in Honduras next year.

This week we start working in Gracias, Lempira, Honduras. We will be introducing the Sustainable Healthy Living program to the Alberge, a women's dorm for expectant mothers. This is a photo of a nutrition class of the Sustainable Healthy Living program.

The director of the Hospital in Gracias has allotted 2 acres for a garden to grow food for these women. The budget for this location is $500 a month. We currently have $30 a month in designated donations. If you would like to help this project please email us.

Our New NGO is Officially Started. Printed in the Honduran Legal newspaper makes the papaerwork complete.

This is a excerpt from our paperwork. To see what we are doing, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.

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