Medical Missions

Love of God Medical clinic

Healing the Sick in the Love Of God Medical Clinic

Mobile Medical Clinics

Taking medical clinics to the remote villages who would otherwise not have medical care near them. Giving hope. You can be a part of this ministry by being on a team that volunteers for a week in Honduras.

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The Love of God Medical clinic is open full time and serving between 700 and 900 a month. With a full time doctor and two full time nurses this clinic is not just meeting physical needs but ministering to each person that comes through. Pray for this clinic, its staff, and its patients. God is moving in Yamaranguila, Intibuca, Honduras through this clinic.

Pray for the budget for this clinic also. We are receiving $400 of the $3,500 needed to keep it open.

Give today and help keep this clinic open

These clinics consist of medical consults, dental consults, providing medicines, and prayer. Many times lice treatments and Vacation Bible School are also conducted during the clinics as well.

Medical Access Assistance

Providing medical assistance for: medical visits, medicines, and exams for those who could not otherwise afford it. Donations to HRM help those in need receive badly needed medical assistance.

Medical Access Assistance has also helped people like little Rosie. Rosie has cerebral palsy and this wheel chair is being adapted for her special needs.

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Shipping medical supplies, equipment and other aid.

We are helping the exceedingly underfunded local public hospital through improvements in facilities, equipment and service. This also gives us the opportunity to inject Christ into the hospital environment, where over 200,000 patients are served.

We also help others who helper the poeple of Honduras.

over the last few years we were able to ship supplies and equipment to over 4 hospitals, 5 clinics, 4 missions organisations and countless others.

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Food security will increase as we teach and empower the Honduran farmers. The end goal is for every household to be food-secure. A household is considered food-secure when its occupants do not live in hunger or fear of starvation.


Sustainable Healthy Living

Teaches Godly living, hygiene, nutrition, cooking, and gardening and gives vegetable seed to pregnant women at the hospital. Plans have been made to introduce this program to other hospitals around the country of Honduras.

The participants of this program receive the production of a garden we have on the Hospital grounds and heirloom seeds that will produce seeds during the harvest; making this program sustainable. This program gives these families access to vitamins and minerals through the vegetables they grow with these seeds.

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Victory Farms

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This is a self sustaining demonstration farm that will be start in 2012. This farm will do three things.

  1. Demonstrate new ways to farm: using new ways to farm will increase production and quality empowering the local farmers to live better as most of them live off the land.

  2. Produce Seed for the Sustainable Healthy Living program which will be given away.

  3. Employ and minister to unemployed farmers who are out of work or have land but do not have resources to plant enabling them to utilize their land.

  4. Provide chemical dependent rehabilitation many of the unemployed are alcoholics.

  5. Partner with local land owners lacking the resources to farm their own land.

  6. Host seminary classes for leaders and pastors farmers who are leaders will be trained to be chaplains in the hospitals. Some national pastors need education.

  7. Reduces Deforestation by reduces the farmer's need to cut down the rain forest.

This farm will be run as a social business with the focus of affect social change not maximizing monetary profit.

This is s a new social business that is in the fund-raising stage. Our primary mission is to create social change through agriculture while maintaining sustainable profitability.

We will serve the people of Honduras (the poorest country in Central America) by growing healthier, better quality produce, employing the unemployed, educating farmers, and empowering the poor to use their land in a sustainable way.

In Honduras, the poor often exist on as little as one or two corn tortillas daily. Lack of food access is one of the greatest threats to the health of people living in developing countries like Honduras. This lack of food security is partly due to the inability to grow sufficient food on land owned.

This is the only hospital in the department, of Intibuca, Honduras and serves over 240,000 poeple. This is the only hospital for the poor within a four hour drive. It is the hospital of the poor.

Recently, the rain was leaking on a bed in-between a newborn and its mother on their bed.

This program focuses on nutrition and life skills of new and expecting mothers. Many of these women in Intibucá lack education in the this area including: basic hygiene, reproductive anatomy, pregnancy, obstetric risks and dangers, labor, postpartum care, breastfeeding and nutrition. This project will also give seeds to individuals for home gardens of vegetables otherwise unavailable.


Educate mothers about life skills that include:

    • Nutrition and its effects on the body and overall health of her family

    • Gardening giving them a sustainable source of vitamins

    • Hygiene and its effects on the transmittal of sickness and diseases

    • Pregnancy and the risks that can be avoided through preparation and nutrition

    • Reproduction



mothers in the program showing them that God loves and cares about them. The program teaches that God’s word lays out a plan for their lives and includes the same healthy principles taught. And that a healthy spiritual life is gained through the seed of life which is Christ.


Empower mothers to create a healthy living environment for their children and have access to vitamins and minerals through home gardens resulting in a healthier life for her family and community.

This is a class the two scholarship recipients attend. There are many other children waiting for scholarships. You can be an answer to their prayers by giving towards their scholarships.

Empowering children to attend a Christian bilingual K-12 school opening opportunities and changing lives. This brings change and give hope to this generation of Honduras.

We are still looking for scholarships for 2 wonderful little girls to the bilingual Christian school in Yamaranguila. One is a daughter of a local pastor. The other is a daughter of a single mother who has already attended the kindergarten but her grandfather can no longer pay. $2,040 a year for each. help us by donating just $170 a month.

School Outreaches

There are more and more at risk youth looking for mentors and families. These kids are on their way to becoming gang members or alcohol and drugs users. We are working with local schools and pastors to reach these youth for Christ. Ministering to them while they are young and before they are lost to the world. We are currently in 4 schools.

These schools are in areas where there are not churches or Christian work. We plan to plant churches in these areas soon.

Would you consider bringing a team to help us reach these kids?


Hosting a conference attracts different groups so we have different conferences to reach those groups.

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Pastor Conferences

Empowering the Local Honduran Pastors

to be more effective and plant the vision of the great commission and help their congregations reach outside their walls to the community, country and the world for Christ. If you are a speaker or know one who would be like to be a blessing to the Honduran pastors please let us know. We would love to setup a conference where they can learn from you.

"Thanks for your hospitality last week.

We truly enjoyed ourselves. You did a great job of receiving and hosting us. Meeting the pastors and leaders and having the opportunity to minister to them was a wonderful thing. Thank you for the invitation. I trust we were able to leave a significant deposit with them as they change their communities."

Ed Huie

These conferences are a way for us to partner with US pastors, evangelists, and Christian leaders to enrich the local Honduran Christian leaders so God can multiply his work through them.

these meetings encourage and educate local Honduran pastors of La Esperanza. They have asked that we provide instruction on many topics that include Leadership, discipleship, marriage family, church structure and finances.

My first visit to Honduras was in 1985. I am so glad that it was not my last.

In 2012 Burt Kelly and I met up with Dean and Melissa Lowman for a conference in La Esperanza. It was extremely profitable. I was very impressed with the leadership and the follower ship of this fellowship of ministers and churches.I believe the best days for Honduras is ahead, as the Church pursues His Kingdom purposes.

Ed Huie

We are looking for qualified pastors and professionals who would like to come to Honduras and teach on these topics.

Need Workshops and Conferences for Pastors and Churches

1. Word Expository

2. Strengthen the Family Pastoral (The Shepherd and His Family)

3. Church Administration

4. Beliefs, False religions

5. Spiritual Warfare

6. Impact Society

7. How to become Children's Ministry?

8. Youth Ministry?

9. Spiritual Parenting

10. Leadership Training

11. Missions

12. Eschatology

13. Pastoral Counseling

You may be the one we are looking for! If you are interested in coming and Hosting a Pastors Conference please contact us.

Women Conferences

These meetings are to teach and empower the Honduran women. As they realize they are Children of God and not property for men to use they will break the cultural hold that is currently on them.

Nurse's Conferences

These meeting are to thank and encourage the nurses of the Hospital of La Esperanza. Showing them that they have a great impact on this city, country and culture. We teach them that they can take their faith into the Hospitals and clinics and give care in the name of the Lord and sharing their faith as they work and pray for their patients. We also use this opportunity to introduce new techniques.

Love of God Bible

Reaching the world

Love of God Bible school has two tracks for those who have not graduated bible school. We offer a two year bible school with a certificate of completion in theology. For those who have graduated bible school we have a 2 year missions program. Each class is a three week concentrated course with course work and a three week field work.

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