Victory Farms

We will serve the people of Honduras (the poorest country in Central America) by growing healthier, better quality produce, employing the unemployed, educating farmers, and empowering the poor to use their land in a sustainable way.

This is s a new social business that is in the fund-raising stage. Our primary mission is to create social change through agriculture while maintaining sustainable profitability.

In Honduras, the poor often exist on as little as one or two corn tortillas daily. Lack of food access is one of the greatest threats to the health of people living in developing countries like Honduras. This lack of food security is partly due to the inability to grow sufficient food on land owned.

Food security will increase as we teach and empower the Honduran farmers. The end goal is for every household to be food-secure. A household is considered food-secure when its occupants do not live in hunger or fear of starvation.