Sustainable Healthy Living

This program focuses on nutrition and life skills of new and expecting mothers. Many of these women in Intibucá lack education in the this area including: basic hygiene, reproductive anatomy, pregnancy, obstetric risks and dangers, labor, post-partum care, breastfeeding and nutrition. This project will also give seeds to individuals for home gardens of vegetables otherwise unavailable.

Our goals are to:

Educate mothers about life skills that include:

    • Nutrition and its effects on the body and overall health of her family

    • Gardening giving them a sustainable source of vitamins

    • Hygiene and its effects on the transmittal of sickness and diseases

    • Pregnancy and the risks that can be avoided through preparation and nutrition

    • Reproduction


mothers to create a healthy living environment for their children and have access to vitamins and minerals through home gardens resulting in a healthier life for her family and community.


mothers in the program showing them that God loves and cares about them. The program teaches that God’s word lays out a plan for their lives and includes the same healthy principles taught. And that a healthy spiritual life is gained through the seed of life which is Christ.