Ministering with eyes wide open.

I am writing this open letter to encourage others to ministry and to Glorify God.

Side Notes

1. Melissa toured the Hospital in La Esperanza Intibuca and wrote the encounter in "Babies are dying and God is calling". It was amazing to watch God work. poeple brought thing from all over the US. medical equipment, supplies, office furniture. then on the day we were to receive the container we went to the warehouse. a local company gave us just the space we needed to get the cargo together. We ordered a 40 foot container so we put tape on the floor the size of the container. but everything we tried to do we could not make it fit. we stacked it we wrapped it, we rearranged it. but no matter what we did we could not get it to fit in side the tape. and in the middle to this frustration some spam call kept hitting my phone. we finally just prayed and went to lunch. the phone still rang. I answered it to tell them to stop calling me. It was Crawly the shipping company. they said they were ready to send the container to us but they had a problem. They did not have any 40' containers. They asked if it would be ok to send a 45' container for the same cost. Wow, God had the fix before i knew we had a problem. God is awesome!!!! When the truck pulled up the driver had a black tee shirt on that read "Got Jesus?" on it. what a great conformation that we just need to pray and rest in Him.