Un-reached communities

I was talking to a local pastor about unreached communities and this week we have visited two locations where there has been no work there until just a few months ago. In the village we visited today there are no Christians, no churches, no leaders and no missionaries.

We will be working in this area and are looking for teams, interns, and staff members to help us reach places like this one. There are three villages within a few hours of each other. No one goes there to help because the road is very bad.

I visited with this teacher and she shared the needs of this community The community has no water only what they can catch from the roof into a cistern The school had two toilets but no place for then to wash their hands. Most of these children still live on dirt floors and their homes have little to no food.

We visited the school and did a VBS. They kids where so surprised. It was unscheduled visit. The teachers and the children welcomed us and sat under a large tree as we proclaimed the gospel. They thanked us for coming and asked us to return soon. They have many needs and are very open to the message.