Help the Poeple

Help the People and Help the Planet

Did you know that some farmers in central and south america cut down the rain forest to create farm land. They do not grow enough food for their families and feel forest to claim forest land to grow more food. You can help by donating to a program called Victory Farms that teaches new organic farming techniques to farmers so they can grow more food for their families without deforestation. Starting in Honduras, We will grow through the world.

Victory farms helps the people and helps the envelopment by empowering the:

          • farmers to feed their families by introducing new organic farming techniques

          • unemployed by giving them jobs and training

          • farmers to produce protein and fertilizer by giving chickens

          • mothers by giving vegetable seeds to the poor for a source of organic vitamins and minerals

          • land owners without resources to farm their own land

Victory Farms is sustainable agriculture in practice. Want to be a part or this great project?

You can help by giving of your time and/or resources.

We are a 501c3 for your financial assistance of $50 or more you will receive a picture of some of those being helped and updates so you know what is going on. You will also receive an invitations to come and partner with us be visiting the one of the farms. contact us today and start helping the people and the planet. Gifts in kind are welcome.

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