What are they looking for?
They are looking for life. We show them life.
We go to show, teach, and release God's love to the world by meeting physical and relational needs; mentoring and teaching a Christ directed life; and encouraging others into ministry.

How can you teach the love of God if you do not first show the love of God. 

Through our programs we first soften the soil by showing God's love. Then we teach them about God's love and word giving them life. We empower them to become a disciples who makes disciples.

Come along and becoming God's love to others by considering a Mission Trip, an Internship, or a long-term assignment.

Sustainable Healthy Living - more than just nutrition it is empowerment to a healthy physical and spiritual live.

Jeremiah , Jeremias in Spanish  went to Gracias with his dad as part of our Medical Assistance Program. 

We have been working with him since 2007. Jeremiah has a debilitating birth defect that has bent his legs. As a result he walks with difficulty on the sides of his feet. 

He has received several surgeries in Honduras thanks to the Luke Society we were able to connect with him. 

They have been working on his behalf to apply for a program that will bring him to the US for more treatment. 

One more step Closer to approval. The program would fly him to the US for a series of surgeries to correct his legs and feet.

Conferences are a part of what we do in Honduras.

We partner with the pastoral alliances of the departments of Intibuca' and Lempira to proved needed entrancement and training to the local pastors of those departments.

Victory Farms - a Sustainable Agricultural Education program to teach subtance farmers to used the recources near their farm to improve production and eat better. We are currently raising the funds to complete this project. read more

Show the love of God through medical  Educational, and agricultural missions. Come to Honduras and experience missions first hand.

If you are interested in Heaven’s Reach Ministries and would like to help, we invite you to prayerfully consider becoming our partner. There are many opportunities listed on our partner page for you to get connected and make a difference.  Come and see.

Giving a Healthy Life

Many farmers in the remote parts of Honduras eat what they grow. When they do not grow enough to last they and their families go hungry. It is women from families like these that our Sustainable Healthy Living program is designed to help. 

For the last month of their pregnancy they stay at the Hospital waiting to deliver their babies. It is during this time that we provide food, teach them and give them seeds to take home. 

These seeds will give them and their families the vitamins and minerals they are missing to have a Sustainable Healthy Life.

The first pond of the Tilapia Farm 

Providing protein to the Ladies in the Alberge.

405 baby fish will be ready to harvest in 3 months soon after producing babies for the next round of fish.

Seal the Deal for Missions

Going on now!   Seal the deal for missions with the Tupperware Fundraiser for Heaven’s Reach Ministries where 40% of your porches goes to help the poor of Honduras. Just go to Tupperware and order and 40% of the product prices will go the HRM.

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